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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Notes from today's service.

The year of 2012 is the year of dependence upon the Lord. 
The LORD is my light.  I can see through the darkness.
Psalm 27 says the LORD six times.
Submit to the LORD.
Do not be afraid.  The LORD
I come in the name of the LORD
I belong to another kingdom
I might lose all but I trust in God.
Salvation-The LORD is my deliverance.
The ONE who provides for my life.
The ONE who provides for my hope.
He is responsible for my welfare.
Fully dependant /Fully rely on God
Jesus is my righteousness.
David understood trouble.
He could stand because He knew who his LORD is.
I will stand firm my LORD is with me.
Make God my provider.
I LOVE GEORGE MUELLER - Listed to a sermon about this yesterday.
Wanted to work for state and be a pastor - not converted
Came to know the LORD.
Wanted to go to missionary school.  Father would not pay for it.
Spent several months in prayer and when felt the LORD leading stood in line for school.
He had NO money to pay and a person came into the line and to give him the exact amount of money he needed.
Wanted to be a missionary.  Was denied because of his past.
Spent a year in prayer - was allowed to go.
Started orphanage...never asked anyone for money / God always provided.
**I move way to fast instead of praying and waiting on God""
Pray for faith to depend on the LORD
Pleading before the LORD
**I don't plead enough.
**I need more faith.
**Desire to dwell in the presence of God.
Dwelling/visiting are different
Don't be in/out but dwell.
Move to where God is.
We are the temple of God.
Is my life a dwelling place for God?
Draw near to God and He will draw near to me.
Priority is God
Full dependant on God
Get above my circumstances
I belong to another kingdom.


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