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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People and Salvation

I spoke to a teenage girl tonight about salvation.  We had visited a few months back about this same thing.  She made a profession of faith then and prayed asking for forgiveness.  Tonight she felt the need to pray again.  She told me she did not have a testimony and she wanted to have one.  This makes me uncomfortable in leading a person to Christ..  I know it should bring me great joy, and in a way it does, but it also brings responsible and that scares me a little. 

We have a command in Matthew 28:18 "Go and make disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you."  This seems different than leading a person to Christ in a prayer.  There is such a battle that rages in my heart even now as I type this.  This has probably been a debate for years in the Christian church.  I need to grasp hold of what the Lord has for me in this.

I know in other countries, Christians are not casual about their relationship with Christ.  They have a great chance of losing everything including their life when they profess Christ.... They cannot be casual because why would they lose everything for something they do not believe?

Listen to Francis Chan speak on "Casual Christians".  You can follow the link here:

I feel I dropped the ball in responsibility with this young girl.  But that is the beauty of knowing Christ, forgiveness and do overs are allowed.  I plan on getting to know her through facebook and email.  I hope that extends to fellowship and discipleship.  Yes, I believe discipleship is more than sitting around a table with a book but it can start there.  Maybe the Lord will see fit to make her a part of my life--that is discipleship. 

I have much to learn.  Tonight opened my eyes once again to God's great grace and forgiveness.  As I shared with this girl..."If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleans us of all unrighteousness", she wept.  I'm just not sure if she believes this though. It may take a while for her to believe and trust Christ.  Your salvation experience is a relationship with the Living Jesus Christ.  How are you doing on that relationship?  Is Jesus like a distant cousin who you see a few times a year or is He your best est friend that you worship and fellowship with through out the day?? 

Do you believe and trust Him enough to say yes to His salvation even if you knew you were to die in the process because that is what He requires of you.

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