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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have experienced many blessings today.  The worship service this morning was incredible.  God showed up in power.  I was reminded tonight at the "Wake Up Call" simulcast that power is the only way God shows up.  There were two salvation's today.  One during the worship service and one today after the simulcast.  What a blessing to be a part of God's salvation.  It was funny: the girl tonight had to chase down the preacher to visit and ask questions regarding salvation.  The determination she showed in wanting to know Christ was convicting to me.  I wonder what lengths would you go through to know Christ.  If you know Him what lengths would you go through to follow Him in obedience?  It is time to stop discussing what we want to do and start being obedient.  It is quite easy to talk about prayer, evangelism, and service but the challenge comes when we quit talking and begin to put it into practice.  Have you noticed how we can have a full length discussion about to pray, answers to prayer, power found in prayer but we fail to pray!  It appears we are content talking about the blessing of getting to know Christ but we are not willing to surrender our time in prayer.  Coming to God takes a pure heart and many times it is easier to talk about God instead of listening to Him talk to us about our sin. 

We see in Isaiah 6 when Isaiah realized and confessed his sin, God sent a seraphin with a hot coal to purify him.  I learned tonight in the simulcast that the coal blistered his lips.  When we confess our sin before our Lord it hurts.  It burns deep within our heart.  But God cleanses us, picks us up, wipes our tears, forgives our sins and sends us out to share all He has done for us.  You cannot share with others if you have not experienced God for yourself!   When you know forgiveness of your sin personally, you are able to give forgiveness to others freely.

Back to the blessings...Received encouragement through this mornings message that God is enough in our time of fear.  We reflected back ten years ago when the twin towers were hit by the planes.  We remembered and prayed for the families involved in the tragedy We prayed for the our service personal and thanked God for each of them.  It is a blessing to me to have a pastor who is willing to follow the Lord outside of the "box".  Many of us have an expectation of what a church service should look like and I am thankful at Southside, we can lay those preconceived ideas down and follow Christ as He leads-what a blessing.

Sunday School class was a blessing to me as well.   A friend returned to the Lord and us after staying away.  I witnessed three woman minister, encourage, and love her back to fellowship.  It is a  moment etched in my mind forever.  The grace in that room was powerful.  Have you watched someone minister out of the overflow of their hearts.  It is powerful! 

Yes, God only shows up in power and I got to witness and receive the blessings of that today!  But I am reminded again these blessing are to be poured out as an offering before the Lord.  For more on this see my September 3 post, "Pouring out the Water of satisfaction" by Oswald Chambers.  I think I must give this offering now.  Night everyone!


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