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Saturday, March 26, 2011


I hear the birds worshipping. 
The wind blowing leaves to a sweet melody of praise. 
The trees with out-stretched branches lifted to the Creator. 
The small bushes swaying in dance before the Lord. 
The wind a sweet praise as it swirls around me. 
 A dance, a song, that is what I hear,all praising the Creator who is so near. 
Oh, the sweet stillness that comes saying I am the One
who created you before time
 For it was my purpose to make you shine. 
Be a light in the darkness, be a word of truth,
Spoken in love to those who run a loose. 
Make them worshippers of Me, that is your purpose, and My glory. 
 For all eternity don't you see,
I will be on My throne and you on your knee,
Worshipping for that is what I created you to be!

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