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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salvation In The House

Tonight was a good night.  It has been a good day.  A day full of faith and life.  I love when God gives me those days.  Thursdays evening are one of my favorite evenings.  A group of  friends meet at the church to prayer walk.  We pray for our body, the neighborhood, and our church leaders.   God is faithful and His Spirit is always evident on these nights.  Tonight was no different, even though all but one person cancelled.  I was a little disappointed but the two of us went to pray.  Where two or more are gathered together, God is in our midst., right. He also knows what He is doing.  He proved that once again tonight.  One dear women who we have befriended, who walked the isle and made a profession of faith during a revival service, stopped by to pray with us. 

I had just asked this women yesterday, where she was spiritually.  She is ill and eternity must be dealt with. I asked if she died tonight, would she go to heaven.  Her answer was no and she was struggling with that issue.  God in His sovereignty brought her tonight.  God in His sovereignty kept others away.  God in His sovereignty saved a soul tonight.  The angels are rejoicing as we are. 

Teresa and I sat down with her and went over some Scripture God had lead me to yesterday. He prepared me for this time and I am so thankful.  We prayed and she prayed.  Tonight we have no doubt this women will be with us in eternity worshipping our Savior. 

There is nothing more awesome, I will use the word fun, to see God removed scales from eyes and soften hearts.  To watch Him woo someone to Himself and save their soul.  He has been working in this woman;s life for months possibly years.  A little truth here and a little light there.  Tonight the spot light was turned on.  Now we know for sure this women is a child of the King.  We gave her some resources and Scripture to cling to as she awakes in the morning to the enemy and the all the many things she faces through out the day.  But we are confident God who began a good work in her will complete it to the end.

God you are good and we have tasted a bit of Your glory.  Do more Lord than we can even ask or imagine.  To God be the glory forever and forever. Amen!

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