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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surrender and the Paint Brush

Organization and clarity are two great things.  When they are teamed together, many goals are obtained.  Don't go through life living in a state of uncertainy and choas.  Surrender yourself to the Lord and ask Him to give you life goals, a life verse, and a ministry verse.  Stop long enough to find the theme of your life and write that out before the Lord. 

We all have a theme of life.  We all have a story-A God story. Our very life is His canvas.  He is painting a glorious picture of who He is upon our life.  Our sin, our hurt, and our pain is woven into the very fibers of the canvas.  They are evident.  You are not able to pull out the fibers for then the canvas would be no longer, for our  lives depict this canvas. God in His mercy and grace picks up His paintbrush to begin a work, to begin telling His story upon our lives.  Each stroke of the paintbrush reveals His love and goodness.  Each paint drop reveals His mercy and grace.  God covers that canvas with a beautiful picture of His shed blood upon the cross. 

Friend stop and ponder the paint drops upon your life.  Ask God to paint a picture giving you a life goal, a life verse, and a ministry verse to live by.    Live each day in the power of the Holy Spirit in light of these goals.  I can look back over the canvas of my 47 years and see God's hand, His mercy, His conviction of sin, His grace of forgiveness.  I can see Him and His glorious picture on my canvas.  What about you?  All it takes is surrender to His paintbrush!

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