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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't Listen To The Music

Sometimes I feel as if I have lost my footing. I get lulled to sleep by the world. The ease and comfort of life that is offered in America rocks me to sleep. Have you ever walked up a steep incline with loose rocks or gravel? At first your footing is solid,and you have confidence in making it up the incline. You are even excited and know what awaits you there; for on top of that mountain is a beautiful view, a peaceful place to rest and a wedding banquet provided by the Bridegroom Himself. As you continue on with each step the loose ground gives way and you are concerned for your safety. Soon your focus becomes on the rocks at your feet instead of the beauty awaiting your senses. Many times the rocks become such a stumbling block that fear takes over and we sit down. We may even sit down and build our home on the slope instead of looking forward to our home awaiting us at the top of the mountain. Along the way many people have built safe air conditioned rooms with comfy couches and vending machines. It is so easy to stop in, cool off, and rest a while. There are other places along the journey as well, places that entertain us, places that feed us, places to keep us comfortable ,and people to serve us. Many times we get lost in these places, we visit. The sweet enticing music just put us to sleep. I'm reminded of the flowers in the Wizard of OZ. The flowers were pleasing to the eyes and to the senses. As Dorothy went to see the flowers, she was put into a deep sleep. I wonder if the enemy has done that to us as Christians. We have bought into the lies of the American Dream, work harder and spend more. You deserve the best. Get all you can and can the rest. Wow, yes I have bought into the lie. Even today as I was helping someone get ready to leave for a mission trip, I could see the enemy working with distractions. I have learned the enemy will come at you with your fleshy lusts and desires. When you become aware of that area he will come at you in many other ways. Each time the enemy throws a dart; we are at a watershed moment. We can choose to either go our own direction, fight the enemy with our own strength or we can bow before the One the enemy ultimately bows too--the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our ultimate goal. He is our life source. He is our God and our King. He is the peace and the beauty at the top of the mountain. Don't be distracted by the world's beauty. The greatest beauty is pushing back the darkness as you walk in oneness up the incline with the Lord Jesus Christ.