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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Spirit of Prayer-Andrew Murray

The Spirit Of Prayer
Andrew Murray

Payer is not our work.  It is God's work in us by His almighty power.  As we pray our attitude should be one of silent expectation that the Holy Spirit will help in our weakness and pray for us with groaning that cannot be expressed.

What a thought!  When I feel how imperfect my prayer is, when I have no strength of my own, I may bow in silence before God in the confidence that His Holy Spirit will teach me to pray.  The Spirit is the Spirit of prayer.  It is not my work, but God's work in me.  The Spirit will make perfect the work even in my weakness.

We see an example of this in the story of Jacob.  The same One who wrestled with him and seemed to withhold the blessing was in reality strengthening him to continue and to prevail in prayer.  Prayer is the work of the Triune God:  the Father, who gives the desire and will provide all we need: the Son , who through His intercession teaches us to pray in His name, and the Holy Spirit, who in secret will strengthen our weak desires.

The Spirit of truth will glorify Christ in us, and the Spirit of love will shed this love abroad in our hears.  And we have the Spirit of prayer, through whom our life may be one of continual prayer  Thank God that the Holy Spirit has been given to teach us to pray.

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