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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Things Learned In A Can Of Spinach!

Canning/processing is a method that applies heat to food in a canning jar to stop the natural spoilage that would otherwise take place, and removes air from the jar to create a seal.  God allows circumstances in our lives as well to stop the spoilage that would naturally happen through our sin and fleshly desires.  Listed below are some things I have learned as I have gone through this canning process in the Spinach Capital of the world.
Unmet expectations will kill you
Love people at all cost and push through things that appear uncomfortable
Only God can satisfy the deep longings within soul. Things (money, house, spouse, children, job, etc) will always fall short.
Entitlement has become precedent in our lives
Material has a deep root even in poverty and government assistance
That I LOVE my family, children, and husband
Time alone is awesome and weekends are even better
No need to pretend to be perfect
I have a love/hate relationship with people (this is not new but I’ve realized it more)
I love to do ministry
I am a terrible secretary but I love to pray
Losing does not mean failing
How to encourage others and point them to Jesus
I’ve learned to enjoy a women’s Sunday School class
To worship in pain and happiness
God really is enough
Freedom in being myself and embracing my differentness
People hunt and fish to put food on the table
Camo is not just a fashion statement
God is real and sovereign and His way is perfect
God does not answer prayers the way I think should happen and I’m ok with that
The IPhone is a fun thing
Social media is awesome
Enjoy learning to blog and write
Empty nest is awesome and having adult children is freeing
Influence goes further than I could ever imagine
Having more things, more stuff, and, more money is not fulfilling
People extend grace and love to me in spite of myself
I’ve seen kids be hungry and go without shoes and clothing
I am blessed and privileged above measure
To not to be scared of emotion and a hurting heart
To embrace emotional pain with the Lord and learn to share it with the hope of helping others
To enjoy the beauty of this great state and to see God in details
And last but not least my favorite people are English teachers!!

Thank you Alma, it has been a ride or should I saw a process.  The heat has been turned up and the natural spoilage has been slowed all due to our great God and your amazing love.