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Thursday, November 22, 2012


For those who are devoted to Christ
Will doubtless live troubled lives. 
We who faithfully follow in His steps,
And boldly carry out His precepts,
May find peril along the path
But we are always resurrected in the
See, my feeling may get hurt
My ego may be bruised,
But when I stand for Christ,
Let No man be confused…
My reputation may suffer,
My family may hurt,
My property might be burned to the dirt,
My liberty may be taken,
And my influence condemned,
But ALL will be worth it when I stand before HIM! 
I may be tortured, or suffer death,
But I’ll always praise with my next breath. 
For on earth as alive,
Or in heaven above,
I am sealed to redemption,
Raptured in love! 
When we suffer with Christ,
We’ll be blessed by the same
Forever be held by the name above names.
 Ridiculed, neglected, excluded, or shunned,
Mocked, belittled, abandoned, I WILL NOT be stunned. 
It was done to the prophets, apostles and Christ,
Why, for my count, would I think Satan would be nice?
In my profession of faith to my Lord
There is one thing I must record:
A preparation for persecution
And resolve to not ever shrink back
Through I may be on the beating end of attacks.
 I will recall where Christ once hung,
Yet He’s NOT on the cross,
And He’s NOT in some tomb. 
He's at the right hand of God,
And He’s prepared me a room.
So victory is mine,
Not for a moment, a year or a life,
 But for all eternity
Which is where we’ll be when we die!
Live for Christ, die to FLESH
Glorify God with every BREATH!
Writen by Aaron Matthews,
Pastor of Southside Baptist Church
November 17, 2012