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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Thanks

Today was a good day.  Todd turned 50 and we had a party.  Many people came to celebrate with him. I cannot believe I have been married to this man for almost 30 years.  I don't even feel 30 years old but I know I am for I have children who are in their late 20's. 

Todd and I are so different in personality and activities we enjoy.  We think of these differences and smile.  I enjoy reading and blogging.  He enjoys sports. I am an introvert and he is an extrovert.  I like my alone time and he likes people You see when you love someone, you can allow them to be themselves.  Why would I want to change him, he fills up my lack and I do the same for him.  Christ is the common means between us and He is the glue that holds us together. 

I am so thankful, I met and married this godly man who lets me be me.  These years have flown by.  Scripture says life is a but a vapor...this is proving to be true.  Friend don't fight your differences, but celebrate them.  Don't try to change your and respect them.  God has put you together.  He knows what He is doing. 

Thanks to all who came over today! We both loved our time with you. 

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