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Friday, February 11, 2011

Love and Prayer by Andrew Murray

Be earnest and disciplined in your prayer.
Most important of all,
Continue to show deep love for each other.
1 Peter 4:7-8

Earnest prayer and fervent love are closely linked.  If we pray only for ourselves, we will not find it easy to  be in the right attitude toward God.  But when our hearts are filled with love for others, we will continue to pray for them, even for those with whom we do not agree.

Prayer holds an important place in the life of  love, they are inseparable connected.  If you want your love to increase, forget yourself and pray for God's children.  If you want to increase in prayerfulness, spend time loving those around you, helping to bear their burdens.

There is a great need for earnest, powerful intercessors!  God desires His children to present themselves each day before the throne of grace to pray down the the power of the Spirit upon all believers.  Unity is strength.  Spiritual unity will help us to live unselfishly, wholly for God and others.  Let us apply Peter's words to our lives-"earnest in prayer..showing deep love for each other."

As we mediate on love to those around us, we will be drawn into fellowship with God.  This will come, not by reading or thinking but by spending time with the Father and with the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  Love leads to prayer-to believing prayer is given the love of God.


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