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Monday, December 6, 2010


...When He came to it, (Fig Tree)
He found nothing but leaves,
for it was not the season for figs.
Mark 11:13

We are made for God, to seek Him, to find Him, to grow up into His likeness and show forth His glory.  We are to be a dwelling place for the Lord Most High.  As the fig tree, in Mark, was planted to produce figs to satisfy hunger, we are planted to produce spiritual fruit to show forth God's glory.

This spiritual fruit can only be made possible if we are graphed into the vine.  A branch alone has no life, no sap for nourishment, no water for thirst.  A branch alone is unable to produce fruit.

The fig tree in the book of Mark was not as it appeared and I fear in our lives many times we are not as we appear.  God created us to be in union with Him to be one in Him, complete, whole, producing fruit because His very life is flowing out from us. This fig tree looked good from a distance.  It appeared right.  It had grown, it had many leaves but if you look intently at it, you would notice it was barren.  How about you, my friend.  Is your life producing any fruit? 

We must be careful here not to help the fig tree by "stapling" figs onto it.  Sometimes in our life, we want fruits, so we become so busy working, serving doing right things that we miss Christ all together.  Remember we are His dwelling place.  It is Christ Jesus who flows forth from our lives in producing fruit.

It takes the bowing of our soul in honor and reverence before Him, for our hearts to be opened to receive the divine impression of the nearness of God and to experience his working power that produces fruit in our lives.

Can you hear the call of God this morning?  Will  you bow before the dawning of the morning to seek His face?  Will you spend time in His presence listening to His voice?  Remember Christ must have full access to your heart for your life to be fruitful.  I pray that as each of our lives are examined, fruit may be found.


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