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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year End Thoughts

As I reflect over the past year I find my self a little sappy, just thinking about the blessings and challenges this past year has held.  God has been faithful and His word has been proven true to me this year.  I have been sifted as wheat in which my heart has been turned more to Him with more compassion toward others. He has opened my eyes to many truths and proved Himself worthy to be worshipped.  I wonder if you can look back over the year and notice how He has changed your heart?  Can you see His faithfulness in your life?Look for that today.  He is faithful whether we acknowledge Him or not. He is Lord, will you not surrender and bow the knee today?

We have been given a new grand baby this year. Betty, Todd's dad's wife has been taken from us and now she is worshipping before the Lord in heaven.  He has restored my daughter and her boyfriend back to my family.  He has truly bought back the years the locust have eaten.  A blessing-absolutely amazing!  If you are asking God for something that lines up with His Word. Do not give up!  He is faithful.  Continue asking and in the process ask Him to heal, change, settle your heart as you wait.  He would not restore this relationship until my heart was healed of the pain and I was whole in Him.  If there is a delay in an answer, don't question whether He is assured He is and He will answer in His perfect timing.  Would you really want it any other way??

God has provided me with a pastor this year-A man of His choosing!  Just the process of how that came to be humbles and amazes me.  God is in charge of all things.  We need to watch, listen, and wait. What a blessing Southside Baptist and Aaron has been to me. You guys are an answered pray and my extended family.  I love each of you greatly

As I think of my husband and how God has worked in his heart over the past year, I am humbled by His love. Todd is truly a man of God on and off the field. (coach for you who do not know him).  God has great plans for him this next year and I can't wait to see them lived out. As I think of my children, each one of them have walked through trials and God has been glorified in their life.  Each one has grown closer to the Lord. I am proud to call them mine! I think of my sweet daughter in law.  God has brought her to Himself and she is growing. Amazing the blessings He has given me.

And lastly I think of all the people God has brought into my life this year.  People to challenge me spiritually.  People to encourage me when I struggle.  People to pray with me and for me.  People to cry with me. People to hangout with me and just have fun.  You young ones- are the joy of my life.  You have been such a blessing to me!  My heart smiles when I think of  each of you. 

May your new year be God filled!  I pray each of you grow to trust Him as the day approaches that He calls us home. Love you and thank you for listening to my heart.  I am honored to call you friend!


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