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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ache In Heart

I am bothered tonight.  Bothered by the pain I see in people's life.  Bothered by the selfishness I see in my life and in the life of my family members.  Bothered by the worldly stuff that bombards my children daily.  Bothered by the enemy, who will not leave me alone.  Bothered by the bondage that enslaves people.

So my question is , "God what am I supposed to do with all this darkness and pain I am seeing?"  I could stick my head in the sand and pretend it is not happening all around me.  The enemy would love to have us lulled to sleep by our own wants and selfishness.  Let me tell you what I did tonight.  I listened to an ill , poverty stricken woman cry out to God to change her heart.  To change her heart!  Then I helped carry water into her home, since her water had been turned off.

Then I walk into my home and fall on my knees in humility as I remember where I was before Christ.  Only by His grace do I live as I do today.  Only by His mercy can I turn on my facet and get a drink.  By His goodness, I can go to see a doctor of my choosing.  Oh, I am blessed.  I confess I have taken those blessing for granted. 

Scripture says in James, Every good and perfect gift comes from above.  God,give me a grateful heart.  Even though it is painful, continue opening my eyes to others hurts and God make a way for You to become so very real in their time of need.