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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Gary Chapman shares five categories, or five love languages in his book, The Five Love Languages.  He states everyone has a love language and we all identify primarily with one of the five.

1) Words of Affirmation
2) Quality Time
3) Receiving Gifts
4) Acts of Service
5) Physical Touch

My love language is quality time and if you add a little word of affirmation, I am quite please.. My sweet husband of almost 30 years did just that tonight.  He actually went a step further because he wrote me a poem. 

"Roses are red, violets are blue  I have spent 30 years loving you. You are as nice as spice, but what I love about more is that you have Christ at the front of your door. Let's keep sharing God's love with each other and He will continue to bless us.  Every year is very special, watching you do kettle bells and sweating to the oldie is so impressive.  Keep pressing on and do your writing.  God has blesses you tremenoulsy with your new friends and bloggings.  A new day is always in sight, but most of all you are the light of my life!"

My poem on a bag of plain M&M's and I am very content.  Simple, yes I know.  But this girl is pleased on this valentine day.  I could have had a Tye-dyed T-shirt but he chose the better way.

1 comment:

Aaron W. Matthews said...

Awesome! Way to go Coach D. He calls plays and writes poetry...the man!
Very cool post, Bobbie! You guys are a true example of Christian love.