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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Questions

Listed are random questions, I am asking myself this morning.

I wonder if the circumstances occurring in my life are furthering the Gospel of Christ?

Are my circumstances due to my sin or a a witness against Christ?  Both can further His kingdom; it depends on how you react to them.

Am I striving to change my circumstances (wanting more or less money, less pain, more blessings, etc) or am I learning to be content in whatever state I am in?

Are others receiving encouragement and confidence in grace by watching me walk out the hardship and blessings in my life?

Is Christ magnified in my life by the way I live?  Will He magnified in my life by the way I die?  He must be magnified in my life as I live or He could never be glorified in the way of my death.

Am I standing fast with others in unity, working together for the faith of the gospel?  Am I consumed with my problems, hardships, and blessing or am I consumed with Christ?  It has been granted to me to believe and also to suffer for His sake.

Am I walking in selfish ambition or conceit?  Am I of humble mind, esteeming others better than myself.  Am I looking out for your interests?

Am I doing all things without complaining and disputing, shining as lights in the world?  Am I holding fast to Christ, the Word of Life, so I may rejoice in the day of Christ?

Friend don't try to change your circumstances but walk through them in worship, crying out to the ONE who has power over your very life and death.

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