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Monday, October 31, 2011

Dress Up and Candy

I only like Halloween when the holiday falls on a Friday, Sunday, or Wednesday evening.  We always have plans on these evenings—plans that do not include dressing up and going door-to-door asking for candy. 

Eating candy and dressing up are not issues within themselves.  When my children were small, we had fun daily with dress up-pageant dresses and superman capes.  I think we scared the neighborhood and Wal-Mart most days, with our black and green lipstick, pageant dresses, capes, and underwear that became overwear.  Ha! Superman was in the house and the princess was always in need of rescue.

But Halloween itself, I can say, I hate the holiday.  I hate all it represents—darkness and evil.  I am reminded of 1 Thessalonians 5:22, “Abstain from every form of evil”.  I’ve struggled through each Halloween holiday questioning the correct approach for my family.  We have hit all extremes from participating to ignoring this holiday. I think I prefer to ignore and continue on with my daily life.  At least that works on Fridays, Wednesdays, and Sundays.  Mondays are little more challenging.

I believe each of us must live out our own convictions on how to handle this day.  I pray you have researched, sought the Lord, and are obedient to all He has called you to.  As for the Dilbeck’s, today will be a normal day and tomorrow we will hit Wal-mart for the discounted candy and eat till we are sick!

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