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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Fun

I once had a friend
named Laura and Jim
who I got to visit
at the Journey's Inn.
Upon arrival, I was greeted with a hug.
We visited a while than with shrug,
the library was mentioned
so off we go with great intentions.
Dewey Decimal numbers in hand
we knew what we were doing we had a plan.
The Central Library is cool
great diversity and many who have not attended school.
Books, magazines, fellowship as well
even a youth group that came to tell.
Time to leave
and hard to believe
no book in hand
but Jim had a plan.
Jonah was awaiting,
"Surprised by Grace,"
I read and I read
at a rabbits' pace.
Laura filled my belly
with dumplings and bread,
Jim filled my mind with
books to be read.
Soon the evening became late
and our bodies were faint.
Sleep was a calling
and it could not wait.
Breakfast came fast
after Laura's exercise blast.
French toast and a note of
a blog someday.  I'm still waiting
and waiting, oh would you say.
Today will be the day
O Bobbie you will see
Truth will be coming you just wait and be.
I enjoyed my time
that is true indeed
Many more to come
I'll just wait and see.

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