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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Waiting Again

Many times waiting is difficult.  We are at point A in our life and we desires to be at point B.  If you are like me you are so anxious to arrive at point B that you miss the blessings and life of living in between. There is life to be lived and a God to be worshipped  as we are waiting.

When Lilah had her accident we began waiting.
We waited on the ambulance to arrive.
We waited on the paramedics to access her.
We waited on the paramedics to prepare her for transport.
We waited on the helicopter to arrive.
We waited on the paramedics to prepare her for flight.
We waited for our time to travel to Little Rock.
We waited as we filled up the car with gas.
We waited as we traveled.
We waited for Lilah to arrive at Children's.
We waited for doctors to access her.
We waited for the test results.
We waited for the food to be removed from her stomach.
We waited for the ventilator o be removed.
We waited for her to wake up.
We waited for her to ask for a drink and food.
We waited for her to be released.
We waited for her vibrant personally to return.

What did we do in these waits?  We worshipped, we loved, we trusted the sovereign God of the universe.  God expects us to live in the midst of the wait.  We are His people.  He has placed a great hope within our souls.  He has a purpose in our wait.  Don't waste the time between point A and B.  God has ordained that time for you to experience His grace and mercy.  Live life and worship in your wait.

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