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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Andrew Murray Devotion

This is a devotion from the book, "Teach Me To Pray-Andrew Murray"

Intercession for Individual Souls

Yet the time will come when the LORD will gather
them together one by one like handpicked grain. Isaiah 27:12

        Many individual believers do not understand that it is necessary for them to testify to others in order to strengthen their own spiritual lives as well as to bring others to Christ.  Intercession for those around us, and for the church and its mission, needs restoration to its right place in the Christian life!
        Prayer is indispensable to what God in heaven desires to do on earth.  Intercession is the main element in the conversion of souls.  All our efforts are in vain without the power of the Holy Spirit given in answer to prayer.  When ministers and people unite in a covenant of prayer and testimony, the Church will flourish.
        What can we do to stir up the spirit of intercession?  Begin to get an insight into the need and the power of intercession.  Intercede on behalf of single individuals.  Pray for your children, your relatives, friend, and for all with whom you come into contact.  If you feel you don't have power to intercede, ask the Holy Spirit for that power.  God wants every redeemed child of His to intercede for those who do not know Him.
         Pray fervently that God will give you the power of His Holy Spirit for this ministry of intercession.

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