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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Your Life Story

Priscilla Shirer shares in the Bible study, "Jonah" these words.  "Your life is God's story being told and His character being displayed.  This thought has made me stop and think about my life.  Priscilla goes on to ask these following questions.  How does your life read?  What is your life telling others about the God you serve?  As a result of your decisions, do they get to see Christ displayed in His best light?  Have you ever thought about these things?

The different people recorded in the Bible are real people living real lives just like you and me.  Maybe our lives will not be journaled in a book for others to see, but people are watching now.  A story is being told.  The question is...Who's story?  Your story or God's story?

Do you see God' sovereignty in your life?  Do you see God's hand of grace writing paragraphs in each chapter of your life?  Would you take time this week as we approach Thanksgiving to think about these thoughts?  Our life and blessings are really not about us at all.  They are about the eternal God who has called us out of darkness into light, to display His mercy, grace, and glory.  His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself through Christ Jesus and this gave Him great pleasure. Eph 1:5  As each chapter of our life is being written, God's hand must be seen.  In our chapters of sin and rebellion and in our season of grace and forgiveness, God's hand is weaving the story.  It is a beautiful story of God's grace, mercy and love. It is all about God.  I forget this truth many times and turn my life about me, my wants and desires.  May God forgive us and open our eyes to His hand upon our life.  May He open our eyes to His hand writing the story.

As we meet with family and friends this week, let's consider whether God has the title role in the story of our lives. Let's consider whether He is the main character.  Our lives reveal what we believe about Him.  Our lives reveal whom we trust. I pray the world sees His true character through us. Surrender your hearts and lives today.  May God's story go down in history!

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