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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life on the Dilbeck Front

I dropped my new Android phone in the swimming pool today.  It is resting its perfect self in a bag of rice sitting in the hot garage.  I am praying for my phone to dry out and work.  Does God care about my phone, probably not but He does care about me.  So I am giving Him all my concerns.  This is the second phone I have dropped in a pool of water in the past three months.  I think the lesson here is to keep my phone away from the water!!

A friend, Shelly looked me up on facebook today.  Shelly was our hair dresser in Mustang, Oklahoma.  Her seeking me out and sending a message really encouraged me.  God does care about our individual lives and He know I needed a smile after losing my cherished phone.  Have you thought about why our phones are so important to us?  I think it is time I put some thought to this. 
I have three friends leaving for a mission trip in the morning.  My Pastor and friend Aaron Matthews, friend Jeff Smith and Brock Stepp will be spending a week in the Dominican Republic, They will  be heading down with Beyond the Game to put on baseball clinics, as well as carry out several service projects, visit the boy's prison in Santo Domingo, and share the Gospel at any given opportunity. Please pray for them and the people they will be ministering to while in the D.R.  Pray for us as we continue on here without them this week. 

Football has started for Todd, so life on the Dilbeck front is beginning to get busy.  I am looking forward to our fifth season in Alma. Life has taken on many new adventures and I can say I am loving each one. I am thankful for my God who blesses me above anything I could ever imagine.  As you read this blog, I pray you know Jesus personally.  I pray you have trusted Him to forgive you of your sins and you have surrendered your life to His lordship.  There is no greater joy in the life than knowing God personally.  I would love to hear from you.


Aaron W. Matthews said...

I've missed reading your blog! Thank you for asking for prayer for us as we traveled and served. I am truly grateful for your prayers and encouragement. You are a great blessing to my life. Phones are like umbilical cords that tie us to busyness. I learned that lesson this week too by not having the ability to use my phone for the better part of 7 days. It's scary how they can control our lives. I was glad to get away from mine, but it really is my connection to so many people, and sadly, it has become a necessity it seems. I hope you have a blessed weekend! See you Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aaron,
I miss writing this week but I am out of words. lol Maybe an inspiration will come soon. See you sunday.