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Friday, August 12, 2011

Small Messes

How can a home become totally out of control in two days?  Laundry and dishes are a never ending problem along with dust and unmade beds.  I look around my home with the laundry on the couch, the dishes in the sink, the groceries on the bar, and the papers stacked in my office and I want to walk away to leave for someone else to clean up. 

I wonder about our spiritual lives.  How many days (hours really) of neglect would it take for our lives to become out of control? People do not wake one morning and decide, today will the day, I will commit an immoral act or I will murder someone.  Big sins begin with neglect of the little disciplines of the Christian life.

If you are not feeding your spirit with the meat of the Word and drinking deeply from the Vine of life, your life will show signs of neglect.  Small sins of omission or disobedience will rob you of blessings but will also quench the Spirit living inside of you.  One small sin left unchecked will lead to larger sins.  One day you will awake (come to your senses) and wonder how you ended up in this location. 

The most awesome thing is we (humans) are all alike.  This problem is universal to us all.  But God in His great mercy and love has made a way for us to return to a kept spiritual life.  He-Jesus is the keeper of this life. 

I must take the time to clean up small messes in my home before they become large messes.  Such a word picture for our spiritual lives. When we spend time in the Lord presence being washed by the Word and prayer, we have power to say no to the temptations and thoughts that come our way.

Begin your disciplines today. 

Must tackle my house now.  I hope you tackle your time and surrender before the Lord.

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