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Friday, September 23, 2011


My week started with oatmeal for breakfast and walk before dawn.  It was so refreshing to watch the sun rise that I decided to walk again that night to watch the sun set.  That has been my daily routine this week and I can say I love it.   Three pounds later I feel pretty good. Thursday evening God provided this beautiful sun set.  The sky was ablaze.  It was breathtaking. 

Fall is my favorite season with the shorter days and brisk air.  As a poor football coaching family, fall provided free activities for my children.  School, football games, hay rides and church revivals kept us busy through out the season.  When Houston and Meagan were little, Friday nights consists of football games and 2am dinners.  Meagan would sleep on the bench seat as we ate.  Houston would never sleep.  He would go as along and as fast as we did.  Those days were short lived and fun.

Tomorrow will be the first time my family has been all together since December.  It will be a fast trip to OKC as we attend the Downs Syndrome Buddy Walk with my sweet granddaughter.  You want a sweet blessing-just hang out some special needs children.  You can never out love them.  What a blessing.  I sat with one of favorite girls tonight at the ballgame.  She was so excited to be sitting with me and she told me often! 

This summer I took an online biblical counseling class.  God ordained the circumstances and provided the funds to be able to take the class with a friend.  The class proved challenging as I learned about myself, God, and how He works in people's life.  I am praying for the funds to take a second class in February. 

Kolby is a senior this year.  Not sure where the years have gone.  God has been good to the Dilbeck's over the years.  His faithfulness is amazing.  I am married to an awesome man and have three wonderful kids.  Blessings are abundant even in the middle of the hard times and there have been many.

I hope you all have a great night.  Remember if we know the Lord this world is not our home.  We are Pilgrims who belong to another world.  Praise God, love Him, and I will see you tomorrow!