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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ask Big!

My family and I enjoy taking an evening walk.  One day as we were walking, we were reminded of an overlook.  As we trudged up toward this overlook, our hearts became overwhelmed of the vastness of green rolling hills before us. I was overcome with worship as I noticed the endless blue sky with bubbling dark clouds kissing the green grass before me.  The very small purple and yellow flowers clothing the county side brought a smile to my heart as I picked one and gave praise.  We had found a treasure, a serene place to come and enjoy God's creation. 

As I sat and overlooked the hills, I was reminded of the hills in the musical, "The Sound of Music" and for the moment, mine was comparable.  We know in reality the Arkansas hillside is like unto an ant hill compared to Austria hillside with all its vastness, but it was fun, if for a moment, singing and wishing we had dresses made from curtains.

As I have thought about these two scenes, I was surprised of how easily my heart is settled and satisfied. I am thankful for what I have.  I am thankful for the beautiful Arkansas hills but I also know there are much more breathtaking places in the world.  There are vast oceans and mountains, in which I have only seen in the movies.  I have never experienced them first hand and this made me wonder about our Christian walk and our prayer we settle for all we see before us?  Do we settle for the ant hills when God desires to give us the Austrias.

The Bible teaches God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine.  His wisdom is unsearchable.  His ways are beyond our finite understanding.  He encourages us to ask big prayers.  He encourages us to ask for miracles in our life and in the life others.  He desires for His vastness to be on display.  He is so much bigger than the hillsides, the sky, and oceans.  The Bible teaches the earth is His footstool.  Can you wrap your brain around these truths and the great God?

Friend don't settle for what you see.  Walk by faith and ask God to do mightily things in your heart and life.  He is pleased to be on display for His glory to be seen.

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