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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love the Lord!

Let me share with you this morning, I love the Lord.  I love Him dearly.  I don't believe this is by own doing.  He pours His love within my heart.  He pours His life into my life.  He surrounds me with His love.  His grace amazes me.  His mercy humbles me. 

I woke in the middle of the night very fretful of a certain situation that I am facing this next week.  This situation is NOT new.  It seems I face it often lately with the rising costs of our daily needs. I should have gotten out of bed to seek the Lord but I choose to lay,going in and out of sleep, with the problem playing out like a broken record in my mind.  Many times when we fret, we think we are praying but in reality we are just repeating the problem over and over in our mind.  Praying is submitting yourself before the Lord.  Praying is submitting yourself to Him and His will.  Prayer is being grateful for what we have and being grateful for what we are walking through regardless if this situation is comfortable or a struggle.  Prayer is bowing and trusting our God, knowing we are created to seek Him and His kingdom first -to live for Him- and not our fleshly desires.    I believe our love is proven by how we respond in comfortable and uncomfortable situations. 

You see I woke with this same heaviness over my heart.  I woke knowing the truth, God always provides for His children.  He does not leave us as orphans. His grace is always sufficient.  He loves me deeply and I can rest in His love.  But knowing these truths and walking by faith seemed to be an ocean apart. 

But friend God does not leave us there.  You seek Him.  Confess your heart.  Read devotions, read blogs, submit to Him and His will.  Pray what you know to be true.  Ask Him to restore the joy of His salvation.  Ask Him to restore your faith.  Praise, be thankful.  Walk in the truth even if the "feeling" is not there.  We don't walk by feelings but by faith. 

No He does not leave us there.  We will find Him if we seek Him with our whole heart.  Oh I love Him so.  What a difference getting out of bed and fellowshipping with Him makes.  What a difference His love makes to my heart and life.  No, the situation has not changed this week.  I am still facing it.  But I am facing it with faith and great love for my Savior, for He has poured out His love into my heart and I must share this love with you.

Please seek Him today. 

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