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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Home!  What an awesome place to be.  It has been a very fast weekend.  We've been gone 36 hours and have driven at least 13 hours.  In the midst of my whining, due to the driving, God had a plan and few surprises for me.  After visiting with the babies, we headed to 23rd Street Piercing in Oklahoma City, for Kolby to get a nose piercing.  Facebook is great, because of a post, we met with an old friend, Megan.  Megan lives in the Pasoe District of Oklahoma City.  This is the coolest area to live in OKC.

The Historic Paseo Arts District, located at 28th & North Walker to 30th & North Dewey is the oldest Arts District Community in Oklahoma City. Today a vibrant group of artists with substantial involvement and support from the larger community continues to build The Paseo Arts District into one of the most creative art venues in the country. The Paseo is now home to 17 galleries and more than 60 artists, all within walking distance. Intermingled with the galleries are fabulous restaurants, a coffee house, clothing boutique, gift shop, and theatre.

The people living in the Paseo District are a little different than "normal" society.  If you know me at all you know I have such a heart for people who stand out as different.  The 23rd street piercing was the coolest place.  No, I do not want any piercings or tattoos but it was awesome to visit there.  Meagan shared her reason for living in the Pasoe District and I was pumped.  She is a part of a church plant. Meagan, two Pastors, and another person live in the perimeter of the district with the hopes of reaching these people.  Wow...made me want to move immediately.  What fun to live there and be a part of that!

Sunday we drove from southern Oklahoma back to OKC to attend church with Houston and Jenny.  God had another surprise for me.  The church is large with the coffee/snack shops, book store, video games etc.   Now I am not sure how I feel about all the entertainment.  I kept thinking of words from my Pastor, "If you give people a hot dog to come, you will have to give them a steak to keep them."  I am sure this very true!   There is NO food or drinks allowed in the worship center and the coffee shop closes 15 minutes before worship.  So that  settled my heart some.  Once we entered the Worship Center I had forgotten all the frills in the foyer.  The Pastor spoke from Henry Blackaby Bible study, "Experiencing God".  The Lord spoke clearly regarding a "crisis of belief" we have to come to before we join the Lord in His work.  I think I have been stuck here for a while and this teaching today helped pushed me through.  Thank you Lord for Your plans.  I had to smile because the Pastor is from Van Buren, Arkansas.  It just seems Arkansas is the place we need to be.

We drove back to Alma with the hopes of attending our home church, Southside Alma.  I love this church and this group of people.  We are real!  We love Jesus and love each other.  We cry together. We laugh together.  We worship together.  What a blessing to worship and serve beside this group of people.  We have been praying together daily for the past week and we are seeing God work in our hearts and in the lives of others outside of our walls. 

Yes, it is good to be home!  Yes it is good to worship with other believers.  It is just good to love Jesus.  My joy overflows.

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