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Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Ungrateful Cat

Moo, my cat was "saved" on one November day in 2008.  She made her way into the sanctuary of the church we attend. It was the second year of a very difficult trial, God had me walking through.  As I looked at this kitten, I knew she was picture of my heart--hurt, hemorrhaging actually, discouraged, unkempt, broken, hungry, and oh so skinny.  As I picked her up, I knew she was mine.  I also sensed God would use this cat to begin the healing of my heart.  Yes, He did.  But that, my friend is another blog for another time.

We adopted this precious kitten into our life and home.  She received her vaccination from a Veterinarian.  Medicine for her parasite.  Iams Cat food for her stomach ailments.  The garage became her home and a box of hay for her bed.  Love was showered upon her and she gave that love back  graciously.  That is until she started to become comfortable!

Now this precious cat "owns" the garage.  If we want to park in the garage, someone must get out of the car to physically move her out of the way.  If her food bowl is empty, well lets say the whole house is aware of a problem.  Now she does bring us gifts, live gifts...snakes, moles, mice, birds,etc.  And she still gives great love, because a soft pillow and a bed is where she thinks she belongs.

As winter has approached, we have fluffed her hay bed and closed the garage door to help keep her warm.  I would think she should be a content cat.  But no, as soon as she hears us in the morning, the crying begins.  The crying and complaining will not stop until the door is opened and she can come inside where it is warm.  It seems she has taken ownership of  the household with us included.  Roles have changed. One must be careful to approach and move her from the bed to outside...depending on whom the person is doing the task a slap of the paw and great meow could be forth coming!

As I watch this cat, I am reminded by the Holy Spirit that many times we are just like her.  You see God has rescued us from ourselves...from our sin and our life of destruction.  He feeds, clothes, heals and extends His great love to us.  All we have belongs to Him and He graciously extends all that is His out to us. We on the other hand become comfortable and griping.  We begin to think we deserve more.  And when we do not get it, we start the complaining and whining.  And boy watch out when God begins to removed things from our lives.  The fists begin to close and we start swinging. 

Now friends, our lives should not be this way.  We need to remember where we came from.  We need to remember who and what we were when God found us.  You see, He called us and choose us while we were living in our sin.  He spoke our name and we bowed our knee.  As Christians, we should be the most grateful people on the face of the earth.  For we have been save and redeemed.  We are washed clean, pure, and holy.  And we have a God who loves and cares for us and even though we may be swiping at Him with our fist, He graciously picks us up, disciplines us, and teaches us how to be grateful.

Is there hope for my cat?  I don't think so...But there is hope for each of us.  To God be the glory!

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Jen said...

I LOL'd! You have to move her to park! It's a great analogy, too. Good stuff, Bobbie.